Monday, 4 March 2013

WEEK 5 - Google data base

So this week topic of discussion was google and its database. We disscused the might of google and its influence. Pretty much everybody in the world knows what google is and in fact, google knows pretty much everybody in the world aswell. Which is slightly uncomfortable, at least to me, but I imagine anyone would feel uncomfortable if they googled their name and found out something they did not expect to find. There are many examples of more or less private information being out in the open with the owner not knowing. Fourtionatly I am not one of these examples, at least I do not think I am.

As for where I am now and where I want to be in the future, I simply do not know. But I want and I plan to find something I would be deeply interested in. I imagine it will take a lot of exploring and trying. It is very important for me to do something that I am greatly interested in. In future I defenately do not want to do a boring job, I think anybody would say the same but boring for me is often exciting for others. I would want to find and do something that satesfies me.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


Week 2 of Web Publishing we discussed the law of copyrighting. Our lecturer presented us with information related to copyright and its issues. I previously knew the principle of copyrighting, although when I was informed about the difference between the copyright laws on the two continents, I was interested. USA appears to have a more logical approach towards copyrights in comparison to Europe. I personally have mixed feeling on this topic, I agree on the idea that you should have the right to protect the work you have created. But I also feel that the copyright law is taken too far sometimes. I think like in certain occasions it stands in the way of progress and innovation. Youtube copyright laws for example, plant plenty of blockades for creative people trying to upload videos on Youtube.  My opinion of copyrighting is that it should be there, but only to a certain, logical extent.


The first week we mostly talked about the minimum requirements to pass the module.  The whole idea of the assignment is to keep a blog for 10 weeks and to post blogs about the things we talked about and covered in the class.